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WeChat again big move! Launched a unified registration service platform
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Recently, if you open the "city service" function under the WeChat wallet, you will find that you have added a function of "registered platform" in the upper left corner of the lifestyle service section. Click to enter and you can perform on multiple well-known top three hospitals and secondary hospitals Registered appointment.

It is understood that at present the main investment in Tencent Micro-Medical (registered network) resources as the basis for system functions, micro-Medical Valley to disclose, up to now, through more than five years of accumulation, micro-medical has been deeply connected to the national 27 More than 1,900 hospitals in provinces and municipalities and more than 200,000 doctors and deputy chiefs of online services have served more than 500 million people. Liao Jieyuan, chairman and CEO of Microtech, said that these resources will be undifferentiated for WeChat users to provide accurate appointments, on-line diagnosis and treatment services, family doctors' sign-ups, inquiries for inspection reports, inter-departmental payments and online referrals, "Health keeper."
In addition to micro-medicine, it is reported that Anhui Wei-feng appoints for the first time joined the registration service platform set up. According to the person in charge of WeChat, "WeChat Urban Service" is a unified service platform for government government-funded livelihood services in WeChat, where people can conveniently handle medical treatment, transportation, traffic control, social security, provident fund, exit and entry, public security and household management, and education Other business. According to the second quarter report released by Tencent, Weixin monthly active account number has exceeded 800 million. Another report shows that the number of users of WeChat urban services has exceeded tens of millions. In the future, more provinces and cities will have a unified platform for the State Health and Planning Commission and other partners including the major hospitals in the country to join the registered service platform .

Of course, the registered service is not the only one, from the early telecommunications, mobile banking services to major banks, registered treatment has been one of its standard, and WeChat's old Alipay, a few years ago launched a registered appointment service. It can be said that as ToC platform service providers, medical services is one of the necessary means to increase customer stickiness. According to Microtech, Medical Valley further disclosed that in addition to WeChat, Microtech has conducted in-depth cooperation with platforms such as Alipay, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Jingdong and China Merchants Bank and expects to exert their respective advantages to form a joint force of resources sharing, To the extent confirmed this point of view.

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