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Leo successful trial of the secret, we quietly say ~
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to the pilot project of MCH Info Platform in Xishan County, Health booklet work and information management of women and children, director of Xipeng County Wei Planning Committee Wang Junjie, deputy director Yang Junwei, Maternal and Child Health Hospital Wang Cuiping, Party branch secretary Tian Fucai, Jiangsu Lei Ao Group Chairman Wu Yun and other research.
During the investigation, Wang Cuiping, director of the MCHC, reported to the leaders of the research group on the progress of the mother-child health handbook in Xiping County. After that, they discussed the work progress and existing problems of the mother-child health handbook project and the construction of information platform for women and children. After the discussion, the leaders of the research group came to the maternal and child Health Handbook Management Office, Information Collection Room, Wai Bao Ke, Bao Bao Ke, Birth Medical Proof Management Office, Delivery Room, Laboratory Branch and other departments to see the maternal and child Health Information Platform, MCH Information Platform, Proved information management platform specific operational processes.
Through field research, Director Yang Qi highly praised our mother-child health handbook project and the MCH information platform project. She said with excitement: "This is the place where the mother-child health handbook really falls!" At the same time, it put forward higher requirements on speeding up the construction of informatization construction and put forward guidance on the next step of work. We hope that we will redouble our efforts to further promote the development of the mother-child health handbook and information on women and children.
Wang Cuiping, president said that together with the Jiangsu Leo Group will work together to improve the compliance of the masses and improve the utilization rate of the manual to highlight the concept of service throughout the birth of the concept of service and effectively through the means of information to achieve "a book in hand, full service" Mother-child health service management new model.

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