3 Ways to your Las Vegas Child Custody Lawyer can Help

child custody documents in Las VegasGetting a divorce may be one of the most stressful times in life. This can even be more difficult if there are kids involved. The end of any marriage is hard on a family, and you should do all you can to make this time less challenging for your children. One of the issues of a divorce, when there are children involved, is the decision on which spouse will get full custody. This is an ideal time to rely on the expertise of your Las Vegas child custody lawyer from Pintar Albiston to guide you and knowing ways this professional can do so is sure to be helpful.

Look at your situation

There are several factors that will be taken into consideration when it comes to getting custody of a child. Your Las Vegas child custody attorney can look at your individual parenting situation and will advise you if you have a strong case or not.

Listed below are factors that will be considered:

  1. The amount of money each parent makes individually.
  2. The home where each parent resides.
  3. The health of each parent and keep in mind that medical records may be checked.
  4. The parent, the child, prefers to live with full-time.
  5. The location that will have the least amount of changes for the child.

Give legal advice

Your Las Vegas child custody lawyer is by far the best individual to talk to about a variety of things when it comes to getting custody of your child. There may be certain things you can do that will increase your chances of obtaining custody, and this is the time to do those.

Additionally, you will need to know the process that is involved to make this time less fearful and painful for you. There are steps that must be completed and being prepared in advance for these is ideal.

Assist with agreements

Your attorney may be able to help you and your spouse reach a deal that will make child custody less stressful for the entire family. For instance, if you can agree which spouse gets custody and the visitation dates of the other spouse, this may offset a long court battle.

Working towards a joint custody agreement is an ideal situation and will avoid the potential need for a judge or a jury in certain cases. Be sure to include the desires of your child for the best possible outcome in a trying situation.

Having your child all the time is sure to be something that you may wish to do when your divorce is final. However, being able to do this may be more difficult that you would think, and it’s important to turn to a Las Vegas, NV child custody lawyer that specializes in this area for the best legal advice possible.